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Keeping Collision Repairs as Painless as Possible

Putting a dent in America’s $40 bil annual accident repair bill.

by on Mar.22, 2011

Americans spend $40 bil annually on collision repairs.

Whether it’s the result of a parking lot ding, a freeway fender bender or something more serious, almost every driver will eventually wind up needing to find an auto collision shop.

That adds up to a nationwide bill of around $40 billion a year, according to repair industry estimates.  Yet, short of doing the work yourself there are ways to cut the cost of your personal collision work.

Five simple steps can put a dent in your bills, said President Shane Evangelist, “add(ing) up to potentially huge cost savings for car owners, whether they are DIYing or going to the repair shop.”

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First, shop around for the best repair shop and make sure to check the labor rates they’ve posted.  Evangelist noted that most service shops actually post two different rates, one for mechanical rates, like tune-ups or a brake repair, the other for collision work.  The good news is that collision repair rates are usually lower.

And once the work is done, check your bill carefully to ensure you weren’t over-charged.