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Truckin’ Through Tokyo

Tokyo Motor Show isn't all kei cars and electric vehicles.

by on Oct.27, 2017

The Yamaha Cross Hub truck is a study in unique style and functionality.

The Tokyo Motor Show may be known for its small quirky vehicles, but if there is one truth that is self-evident it’s that people love trucks. Fortunately, there were plenty of trucks on display in Tokyo as well.

Perhaps the “least” unique is Yamaha’s Cross Hub concept truck. The compact concept truck is definitely not your average looking pickup with plenty of curves and angles, the truck screams “Look at me!”

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The truck is just large enough to carry two passengers and two motorcycles in the bed. However, it’s flexible design also allows for four passengers as well with a unique diamond-shaped seating pattern design. At 176.7 inches long, the Cross Hub is about the same size as a Honda Civic hatchback. (more…)

Captivating Concepts Capture Attention at Tokyo Motor Show

Makers pulling out the stops on automotive anomalies.

by on Oct.26, 2017

The Yamaha MWC-4 is part of its Leaning Multi-Wheel Vehicle line-up that can navigate the crowded streets of Tokyo.

The biennial Tokyo Motor Show often features some of the most cutting-edge designs and technologies within the industries, but it’s also known for some of the quirkiest concepts produced by automakers.

The 2017 edition of the show was no different.

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Toyoda Gosei, which manufactures rubber and plastic auto components, found a way to alleviate a fear that many car owners have when they park their vehicle in a crowded lot: door dings. (more…)

Live from Tokyo!

Makers focusing on battery-electrics.

by on Oct.25, 2017

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show is underway! The biennial show will trumpet the debut of scores of new products, especially new electric vehicles laden with advanced technologies aimed bringing autonomous vehicles to the world’s roadways sooner rather than later. is covering this year’s event closely, bringing you the latest updates and new vehicles as well as the insights from executives and other industry observers. News is breaking regularly so check back often for the most current information. (more…)

Toyota GR HV: Is This the Hybrid Boost the Underpowered 86 Desperately Needs?

Sports car prototype among a flood of Toyota concepts and production models at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

by on Oct.25, 2017

Toyota hasn't offered a targa since the demise of the old Supra model.

Few would argue with the opinion that the Toyota 86 is a bit more show than go. So, perhaps the new show car that Toyota debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show today will finally give it the go it’s needed.

As you’d expect of Japan’s largest automaker, Toyota had an array of new products to reveal during its news conference at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center. These ranged from the classic Toyota Century limousine to the pod-like i-Ride with its artificial intelligence co-pilot, as well as the Fine-Comfort Ride fuel-cell vehicle.

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But nothing seems to be drawing as much interest as the Toyota GR HV Sports Concept, what is clearly a beefed up version of the familiar 86 model. The HV tells us it’s a hybrid. And the GR? It just might become part of the new high-performance sub-brand Toyota has launched, based on its Gazoo Racing team.


Honda Goes Retro-Futuristic With Sports EV Concept

Add an “emotion engine” to the motors driving its wheels.

by on Oct.25, 2017

The Honda Sports EV concept is a 2-seater that harkens back to some of the maker's early models.

We’ve grown accustomed, over the decades, to seeing some wild and wacky concept vehicles at the biennial Tokyo Motor Show, and the Honda Sports EV Concept holds true to form. It looks a bit like the love child of an old Ford Mustang and one of the peculiar Kei minicars the Japanese have fallen in love with.

But what it really signifies is Honda’s increasing shift in focus as the latest in a series of distinctive battery-electric vehicle show cars, following the debut of the boxy Urban EV Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show barely two months ago.

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And while there may be a lot of retro cues in the Sport EV’s design – you might also think of the early Honda S600 and 1300 Coupe models – the Tokyo show car is anything but a paean to the past. It incorporates the latest in artificial intelligence, claims Honda, including an “emotion engine” meant to monitor the driver’s moods and reactions and, if need be, step in to keep everyone happy and safe.


Mazda Focuses on Future With Vision Coupe and Kai Concept

Twin crystal balls offer a hint of what’s to come out of Hiroshima.

by on Oct.25, 2017

The Mazda Vision Coupe: the shape of things to come?

Mazda has never been shy about looking into the future. Over the years, it has signaled its design direction with a series of striking concept vehicles – and this year is no exception, though the small Japanese automaker is actually presenting two crystal-balls-on-wheels at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

One of these show cars offers a relatively near-term view of things to come, the Kai Concept believed to be hewing closely to what we’ll see with the next-generation Mazda3 hatchback. It picks up on what the automaker calls “a more mature expression” of the design language first introduced with the Kodo concept in 2010.

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Pushing the proverbial envelope a step further is the Mazda Vision Coupe, a striking, long-nosed prototype that would be impressive even if unveiled by such European luxury brands as BMW or Audi. Says Mazda, it “embodies a minimalist Japanese aesthetic, achieving a simple ‘one-motion’ form that conveys a sense of speed.”


Toyota Gives Century a New Look for a New … Century?

Uber-luxury ride gets first makeover in two decades.

by on Oct.05, 2017

The new 2018 Toyota Century gets its first makeover in two decades in time for the Tokyo Motor Show.

Automakers tend to update or change the exterior designs of vehicles every three or four years; however, there are some exceptions to the rule. Chevrolet dragged its heels on a major update of the C4 Corvette, but Toyota takes top prize with its Century luxury car.

Until this year’s refresh, the Japanese maker hadn’t made any changes in two decades. The car was originally introduced the vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1967 and the third-generation model will be unveiled at the same show later this month.

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“The intricately glamorous and chic exterior is highlighted by traditional Japanese design elements used throughout the car including the grille and black trim on the rear combination lamps,” the company notes. (more…)