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McLaren Aims to Triple Sales

More products coming – but no plans for SUV.

by on Mar.03, 2016

The new McLaren 570GT.

British supercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive has some ambitious plans for the next six years, with a goal of adding new models and tripling its current sales volume to somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 vehicles a year.

One of the newest manufacturers in the high-performance market, McLaren brought its latest entry to the Geneva Motor Show this week in the form of the new 570GT. It’s part of a three-segment strategy aimed at expanding its range of buyers and, among other things, bringing in more women. But, unlike key competitors including Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari, don’t expect to see McLaren add an SUV to the mix, its CEO said in Geneva.

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McLaren only began building cars in 2010, but logged sales of 1,654 vehicles last year and, CEO Mike Flewitt told the Reuters news service, “4,000 is a very good business model for us. I actually think volume by 2022 will be more consistently around 4,500 and I don’t think it will go above 5,000 cars,”


Porsche Looks to Past for New 718 Boxster

New models feature smaller, but more powerful flat fours.

by on Mar.03, 2016

The new 718 Boxster comes with a new smaller, but more powerful engine than its predecessor.

Porsche engineers and designers must have been in a sentimental mood recently as its two introductions at the Geneva Motor Show give a nod to vehicles past.

The 911 R is the modern take on the original track-ready racer introduced and the new 718 Boxster reaches even further back to pay homage of the 718 Spyder produced in the 1950s and early ‘60s.

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The new version, however, is following the current trend of offering smaller, turbocharged engines putting out more power than their naturally aspirated forefathers. In the case of the new 718 Boxster, a 2.0-liter flat four cylinder putting out 300 horsepower. (more…)

Audi RS Q3 Performance Amps Up SUV Competition

Luxury performance SUV segment getting a new entrant.

by on Mar.02, 2016

The Audi RS Q3 Performance boasts a 367 horsepower five-cylinder engine and will do zero-to-62 in 4.4 seconds.

Audi is one of many automakers looking to up its game in the luxury performance SUV segment and the new RS Q3 Performance appears to be ready for the challenge.

Introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, the new compact sport-ute is just another component in Audi’s plans to continue its current growth curve. Like it’s competition, it’s certainly nice on the inside and pleasing to the eye on the outside, but its what’s under the hood that is often the differentiator.

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The German brand beefed up the 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine by 27 hp so it now puts out 367 horsepower and 343 ft-lb of torque. With a top speed of 167.8 mph, it’ll sprint from stop to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds. The engine is tied to a seven-speed dual clutch automatic and gets 27.4 mpg combined. (more…)

Chevy Speeds into Geneva with Corvette Grand Sport

Latest ‘Vette variant blends best of Stingray and Z06.

by on Mar.02, 2016

The new Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.

For the most part, American automakers have been keeping a painfully low profile at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, leaving it to overseas competitors. But even though the brand has largely abandoned the European market, Chevrolet did have something to show off during a show with a heavy emphasis on power and performance.

Think of the new Corvette Grand Sport as a hybrid of the “base” Stingray and the steroid-laden Z06. Picking up on some classic design cues and adding better brakes and wider wheels, among other things, the Grand Sport promises to fill a nice gap between the two current models.

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“We didn’t hold back with the new Grand Sport,” Tadge Juechter, the chief engineer on the Corvette program, said ahead of the new model’s debut at Geneva’s PALExpo convention center.

The Grand Sport retains the naturally aspirated 6.2-liter LT1 V-8 found in the Corvette Stingray. And like that model, it will turn out 460 horsepower.


New Audi Q2 – Big Things in a Small Package

Audi takes on the hot-selling Mercedes-Benz GLA.

by on Mar.01, 2016

Audi is ready to take on Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other players in the compact utility segment with the new Q2.

Here’s a riddle: how do you get bigger and smaller at the same time? Hint: it doesn’t involve any of the pills Alice took in Wonderland. The secret? Just ask Audi which is expanding its line of SUVs with the addition of its smallest model yet, the new Q2 making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Audi still has a long way to go to catch up with either Mercedes-Benz or BMW, two German rivals that have yet larger fleets of SUV models, but the arrival of the Q2 plants the Audi flag in the middle of one of the global luxury markets fastest-growing segments, small crossovers. The Audi Q2 will take direct aim at the Mercedes-Benz GLA, one of that maker’s most successful products in recent years.

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The Audi Q2 is the first major product to come to market that was helmed by Marc Lichte, the design chief brought onboard in 2013. But according to one report, the Q2 came about almost by accident, a very early sketch by a junior designer just happening to catch the eye of an Audi board member who quickly convinced the rest of his colleagues that it had to be a part of the brand’s line-up. (more…)

Maserati Joins Luxury SUV Crowd with Debut of Levante

Production launched, U.S. sales set to begin in September.

by on Mar.01, 2016

Maserati introduced its much-delayed and first-ever SUV, the Levante, at the Geneva Motor Show.

It’s been a long time in coming – a dozen years since we got our first look at the oddly named Maserati Kubang concept. It’s finally back in production form, making its debut as the only slightly less curious Maserati Levante.

The Levante becomes the first SUV in the Italian maker’s long history, and the latest addition to a growing line-up of luxury utes that will eventually include offerings from high-line brands as diverse as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the latter just rolling out its first off-roader, the Bentayga.

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Originally intended to be little more than a gussied-up Jeep Grand Cherokee, the new Maserati Levante is “100% Maserati,” instead relying on a heavily modified version of the brand’s latest platform which also serves as the foundation for the Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans. The one exception is the top-line engine that will have its origin in the Ferrari plant not far from Maserati’s own assembly line. (more…)

Lamborghini Centenario Celebrates Centennial in Style

Limited run of 20 coupes, 20 roadsters planned.

by on Mar.01, 2016

The new Lamborghini Centenario celebrates the 100th birthday of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

How do you celebrate the centennial of your founder? You could throw a party and put plenty of candles on the cake. But Lamborghini has a different way of celebrating the 100th birthday of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

The Italian maker is showing off the long-rumored Lamborghini Centenario, a super-exclusive, 770-horsepower version of its top-line Aventador two-seater. For those looking to crash the party, Lambo officials told a media audience they plan to produce just 40 of the hypercars: 20 coupes and 20 roadsters.

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Suggesting the one-off model allows his company to “transcend some of the constraints” of regular series production, outgoing Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said, “The Centenario is a car that perfectly combines tradition and innovation. It looks to the future while honoring the legend that is Ferruccio Lamborghini.”


Subaru Teases Next Crosstrek with XV Concept

SUV show car is longer, wider, lower.

by on Mar.01, 2016

The Subaru XV Concept will strongly influence the next Crosstrek model.

Subaru has long been known for building solid, go-anywhere vehicles, but not necessarily for giving them the sort of upscale feel that has become increasingly common on even today’s entry-level models.

That’s beginning to change, as the maker has demonstrated with recent additions and updates like the latest Legacy. Now, it’s getting ready to a bit more style and panache to its Crosstrek line – or so we anticipate from the Subaru XV Concept making it debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

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“In the area of functionality essential to a Subaru car, excellent aerodynamic performance is teamed with the ample road clearance and luggage space required of a crossover vehicle, achieving blend of function and style,” the Japanese maker says.


After Slight Detour, Toyota C-HR Finally Makes its Debut

Planned for Scion brand, compact crossover finds a new home.

by on Mar.01, 2016

Toyota? Scion? With the upcoming demise of the Scion brand, the subcompact will carry the mother brand's badge.

Not many vehicles have seen so many detours even before being put into production, but at least the new C-HR concept has finally found a home.

The compact crossover has bounced and forth across the Atlantic several times since making its debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. And it was finally expected to make its appearance in production trim at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. The one hitch: it was going to wear a Scion badge, but parent Toyota decided to pull the plug on its struggling youth brand.

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So, the crossover is back in Europe yet again. But this time, it’s badged the Toyota C-HR, and that’s what buyers on both sides of the big ditch will finally be seeing when it makes its way into showrooms later this year.


Porsche 911 R Pays Homage to Racer Past

German sports car maker produce track-ready driver.

by on Mar.01, 2016

Porsche's Oliver Blume, chair of the executive board, introduces the new 2016 911 R in Geneva.

Porsche is getting back to basics with its new 911 R: fast engine, great handling, two seats: GO!

Perhaps not quite that basic, but the new R, which made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, is a nod to the automaker’s more no-frills past.

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In fact, it was inspired by the company’s limited-production 911 R – the R stood for racing – from 1967, which was designed to be a performer on the road and the track. (more…)