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Spy Shots: 2015 Ford Mustang

Ford wants to make a splash for 50th anniversary.

by on Apr.30, 2013

Our spies captured an early look at the 2015 Ford Mustang. Photo credit: Jim Dunne CAR SPY

It’s no secret that Ford is planning to provide plenty of hoopla to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang when it rolls off the line next year. However, what the 2015 Mustang has been kept under wraps: until now.

Look for Ford to uncover this all-new Mustang design as a 2015 model sometime in 2014. Though covered from front to rear – no bumpers on this early prototype – there are a few details of changes that can be detected. Up front are headlight openings that indicate the lamps are set high on the front fenders, not down low in the grille. So too, at the rear, the taillights are set higher in the trunk.

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Overall the profile of the Mustang is unmistakable, even in this heavily wrapped mid-program prototype. But, those wheels with the five split-spoke appearance seem to be new.


Ford Promoting Mustang History

Maker begins campaign marking 50th anniversary.

by on Apr.30, 2013

Ford created a custom logo aimed at honoring Mustang's 50th anniversary in 2014.

Images of the next-generation Mustang are being kept under tight wraps in Dearborn; however, Ford is rolling out elements of the marketing campaign celebrating 50 years of the first “pony car” that will proceed the debut of the 2015 Mustang next spring.

The breadth of the new campaign was underscored with the announcement that Ford is teaming up with Shinola, a Detroit-based start-up manufacturer of luxury goods, to celebrate 50 years of the Ford Mustang with the release of 46-millimeter wristwatch with Swiss movements.

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“Like the Mustang itself, we want our licensed products to convey an attitude of strength, passion and quality,” said John Nens, Ford lead for global brand licensing.


Mustang Galloping into Europe

But European hot-hatch Fiesta ST likely heading to U.S.

by on Sep.06, 2012

There's been plenty of guessing about what the next-generation Mustang will look like, but Ford has confirmed the iconic pony car will soon be introduced into Europe.

Ford has big plans for its little pony car as it gets set to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

“Mustang, the American icon, is coming to Europe,” Ford CEO Alan Mulally announced during a major product preview in Amsterdam on Thursday.

The event was notably short on details about the Mustang’s migration to Europe. Indeed, Ford has been unexpectedly tight-lipped about its plans to celebrate the pony car’s golden anniversary, though it has confirmed a major remake of the Mustang is in the works and it is widely anticipated that its launch will coincide with the planned 2014 celebration.

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Traditionally, Mustang has been one of the most classically American models in the global Ford line-up – along with the maker’s full-size F-Series models.  The muscle car is only offered in a handful of other markets, curiously including Vietnam and the Philippines, as well as parts of the Middle East.