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GM Rolls Out Another Six Recalls for 717,000 Vehicles

Maker's recall woes drag on.

by on Jul.23, 2014

The Chevy Camaro is one of the many vehicles targeted by the six new GM recalls.

After a brief reprieve – and hints that the worst of its safety problems had ended – General Motors has announced another six recalls collectively covering more than 700,000 cars, trucks and crossovers.

The latest move brings to more than 26 million the total number of vehicles GM has recalled since the beginning of the year. And when added to the service actions announced by competitors as varied as Ford, BMW and Toyota, the industry overall is fast approaching the 45 million mark, well surpassing the previous record, set in 2004, when 34.1 million vehicles were called back for safety problems.

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GM officials tried to put a positive spin on the latest action, global safety czar Jeff Boyer asserting that this goes to “signify how we’ve enhanced our approach to safety.”

But the seven new recalls also come as something of a setback for a company whose reputation had already taken a hammering during the first half of the year. By late June, GM officials had been dropping strong hints that they had largely addressed all the company’s outstanding safety problems.


GM Announces 5 More Recalls Covering 2.7 Mil Vehicles

Maker will take $200 mil hit to Q2 earnings.

by on May.15, 2014

A 2008 Saturn Aura, one of 2.4 million vehicles covered by the largest of the new GM recalls.

After recalling more than 7 million vehicles during the first three months of the year, it seems that GM’s safety woes are far from over, the maker today announcing five separate new service actions covering another 2.7 million passenger cars and light trucks.

The latest batch of recalls includes the 140,000 Chevrolet Malibus reported on overnight, but also includes a wide range of recent and older models, from the 2005 Pontiac G6 to the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. Problems range from faulty taillights to tie-rod defects that could cause a loss of control and possible crash.

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“We have redoubled our efforts to expedite and resolve current (safety) reviews in process and also have identified and analyzed recent vehicle issues which require action,” said Jeff Boyer, the recently appointed GM global vehicle safety czar. “These are examples of our focus to surface issues quickly and promptly take necessary actions in the best interest of our customers.”


Another Big Recall at GM

This time, 140,000 Chevy Malibus targeted due to defective brakes.

by on May.15, 2014

The 2014 Chevrolet Malibu is facing its second recall for brake problems in a week.

For the second time in barely a week, brake problems are forcing the recall of the recently updated Chevrolet Malibu.

The latest problem involves a vacuum hose that can become disconnected resulting in problems bringing the 2014 Chevy sedans to a stop. A total of 140,067 Malibus are covered by the latest recall.

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Just last week, General Motors announced a smaller recall covering both the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu and Buick LaCrosse models because the factory may inadvertently have put rear brakes on the front wheel, an error that could eventually cause premier brake wear or even brake failure. That recall involved just 8,590 vehicles.


Chevy Does Emergency “Refresh” to Bolster Lagging Malibu Sales

Sedan will get more rear seat space, new center console and updates to the powertrain line-up.

by on May.31, 2013

Chevy does a quick update on Malibu.

General Motors has revealed an updated version of its 4-door Chevrolet Malibu, an unexpectedly rapid “refresh” of the midsize sedan that reflects the less than stellar reception it has received since its introduction last year.

Due to market this coming autumn, the 2014 will feature modest exterior updates and a number of more substantial changes to the interior – all reflecting feedback Chevy has received both from those who’ve bought the Malibu and from potential buyers that turned to the maker’s competitors, said Mark Reuss, president of GM’s North American operations.

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Though the current version of the Malibu has been on the market for barely a year, development “was done before we went through bankruptcy,” Reuss noted during a conversation with reporters.  The vehicle reflects the way things by GM’s old management team, he added, and “was not aggressive enough.”