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Carmakers Connect at CES

An overview of the event's automotive high-tech news.

by on Jan.08, 2014

BMW's Autonomous 6-Series shows its stuff at CES.

While the Detroit Auto Show has traditionally been the New Year’s kickoff for the automotive industry, the annual Consumer Electronics Show has increasingly upended that role, this year eight different manufacturers trumpeting their presence in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, hoping to connect with a new audience.

This year’s CES saw brands like Audi, Chevrolet, Toyota and Kia cover a wide spectrum of high-tech topics, from advanced lighting to in-car entertainment, as well as what has become one of the most talked-about technologies in some time: autonomous driving.

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Audi even crossed the Atlantic Ocean with some 30 European journalists to present their news ahead of the Detroit auto show, while Mercedes and BMW also brought representatives of the automotive media to Las Vegas. Those, who have never attended CES were taken aback by the size of the largest trade show in Las Vegas, one that hosts 3,200 exhibitors who distribute some 20,000 new products. They will likely never complain of crowded car shows anymore.


Chevy Introduces Corvette Performance Data Recorder

“Like having a 32-GB crew chief” onboard.

by on Jan.05, 2014

The Performance Data Recorder follows Corvette Racing Team driver Tommy Milner turning a lap around Florida's Sebring Raceway.

Whether you’re a serious racer hoping to improve your lap times or just want to see how well you can handle the curves on a weekend run through the country, Chevrolet is offering Corvette buyers a way to get some fast feedback.

The automaker is using the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to introduce its new Corvette Performance Data Recorder. The maker claims the optional device is the first in the industry to integrate audio, video and the ability to capture real-time vehicle telemetry.  The information can be viewed from the car – when parked, of course – or downloaded to a personal computer. It can even be analyzed to improve a driver’s technique.

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“The Performance Data Recorder combines the ability to record and share drive videos with the power of a professional-level motorsports telemetry system,” said Tadge Juechter, Corvette chief engineer. “Drivers can easily record and share their experiences driving down the Tail of the Dragon or lapping Road Atlanta. In addition, with the included telemetry software users can analyze their laps in incredible detail, and find opportunities to improve their driving and lap times.”


Audi Laser Focused with Sport Quattro Laserlight Concept

Show car debut coming to CES.

by on Jan.02, 2014

Audi's Sport Quattro concept gets new high-tech lamps -- and a new name, the Laserlight.

Audi’s Sport Quattro Concept is about to make a return engagement – albeit renamed the Sport Quattro Laserlight to put a focus on the show car updates newly installed laser headlamps.

The striking hybrid design made its first appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show last autumn and, in its revised form will debut at the sprawling Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week.  Though designed to celebrate the maker’s original, 1983 Sport Quattro, the show car can be seen as “pointing the towards the future,” the maker suggests, hinting that a production version could soon follow.

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The German muscle car now features twin headlights combining matrix LED low beams and laser high beams, an approach that, “leave(s) all previous systems in the dark, suggests Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg,” the technology chief at Audi’s parent, Volkswagen AG. “With its higher performance as well as new display and operating systems with cutting-edge electronic performance,” he adds, “We are showing the future of Audi here.”