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First Drive: 2013 Honda Accord

Gunfight in the Midsize Corral.

by on Sep.10, 2012

Honda hopes to land back on top of the midsize segment with the 2013 Accord.

Be prepared for one of the nastiest gunfights the auto industry has seen in years.  The 2013 model-year will bring the launch of an assortment of new entries into the always-competitive midsize sedan segment, including an all-new Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu and Nissan Altima.  And now comes the new 2013 Honda Accord.

Once the dominant player in the midsize market, Honda has had to settle for second, for much of the last decade, chasing the Toyota Camry.  But with all the new sheet metal, leadership is up for grabs.  Nissan has openly declared its desire to topple the midsize king-of-the-hill.  And you can bet that’s Honda’s goal, as well.

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“It’s playing out like an arms race,” Honda product planner Vicki Popponi said during a media preview of the new Accord. And Honda is going to need to deliver the big guns.  The maker took a critical drubbing when it launched an all-new Accord, two years ago, and has had some serious sales setbacks with other recent models including the Insight, CrossTour and CR-Z.  So, there’s little room for error with the 2013 Honda Accord.

Honda initially will offer three new powertrain packages with the 2013 Accord - a fourth to follow.


Details Leak on New 2013 Honda Accord

Dealer discloses key updates -- including hybrid secrets.

by on Jun.21, 2012

So far, Honda has only shown this concept Accord Coupe, but details are beginning to leak out.

The auto industry usually isn’t good at keeping secrets, though Honda has been struggling to keep a wrap on plans for the critical 2013 update of the midsize Accord.  But details have begun to leak out, including some recent spy shots and, now, a list of ’13 updates that one of the Japanese maker’s dealers is revealing in a press release of its own.

Apparently, the folks at Tuscon’s Chapman Honda have decided that the best way to move the outgoing Accords on their lot is by giving customers a preview of the new car.  That’s a sharp shift from traditional strategy.  Usually, retailers like to pretend nothing’s coming before they clear out inventory.

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“We’re confident that drivers will find that the 2013 Accord is a very well-balanced product…whether they’re talking about interior packaging, content of the vehicle, or the fuel economy,” said Chapman Honda General Manager Neb Yonas in a press release.

Among the details provided by the dealership, it appears the 2013 Honda Accord will include: