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GM Leads Ford in Pickup Sales at Midpoint of 2018

Midsize trucks giving GM the sales lead.

by on Jul.12, 2018

Chevy's Centennial Edition Silverado and Colorado have enjoyed impressive sales since being introduced.

America loves a good rivalry and Americans also love pickup trucks.

Domestic automakers have been relying on the latter, pickups, to help drive profits for much of the last two decades, and Ford and General Motors have long found ways to irritate one another when it comes to sell more trucks than the other.

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Now there is a new way: GM has sold more pickups through the first half of 2018 than Ford. GM sold 478,671 pickups, up 12% from last year, according to Kelley Blue Book data. Ford sold 451,138 pickups, a 5% increase. (more…)

The Ford Fusion is Dead – For Now, Anyway

Sedan to be replaced by a ute-like alternative.

by on Jul.12, 2018

The Ford Fusion sedan will disappear in a few years, but will be replaced by some sort of crossover or wagon bearing the same name.

Ford is taking the first big step towards a future without passenger cars, confirming it will kill off the current sedan version of the midsize Fusion line. But the nameplate will live on, insiders hinting it will be replaced by some sort of crossover or sport wagon.

In April, Ford CEO Jim Hackett announced the automaker would drop the U.S. versions of such familiar nameplates as the Taurus, Fiesta and Focus, as well as Fusion, a controversial move reflecting the sharp decline in conventional passenger car sales as millions of American motorists switch to pickups, SUVs and other light trucks.

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Fusion is the one model that will remain in the U.S. market, but when it is replaced, around the beginning of the next decade, it will be in a very different form. While company officials have not yet disclosed what that will be, indications are that we will see something closer to a tall wagon or hatchback, some sources suggesting the redesigned Fusion will be along the lines of the Subaru Outback, rather than a more SUV-like crossover-utility vehicle. (more…)

GM Sales Rise as Ford’s Fall in China

Ford sales likely to suffer until next year.

by on Jul.12, 2018

While Ford's Mustang is still selling well, the rest of its line-up is not, contributing to a double-digit decline in the first half of 2018.

General Motors posted a slight gain in sales in China during the second quarter, but Ford Motor Co. continued to stumble with a double-digit decline that deepened its woes in the world’s largest market for new vehicles.

In what is described as a slow market, GM and its joint venture partners delivered 858,344 vehicles in China during the second quarter of 2018 as sales grew 0.7% from a year earlier.

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Ford’s China slump intensified, as vehicle sales tumbled 38% in June and the automaker recorded its worst-ever first half. Ford sold 62,057 vehicles in China in June, taking its sales for the first half of the year to 400,443, down 25% compared with the year-ago period. (more…)

Under Pressure Over Scandals, EPA Chief Pruitt Resigns

Move raises questions about Trump Administration plans to roll back mileage regs.

by on Jul.05, 2018

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt has long been a controversial figure within the environmental community.

Facing an escalating series of scandals, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has become the latest member of the Trump Administration to resign, the president announced on Thursday afternoon.

The 50-year-old Cabinet member has been a controversial figure since he was nominated as head of the nation’s top environmental protection office. As Oklahoma Attorney-General, Pruitt had repeatedly sued the EPA and had called for its elimination. Once in office, he began rolling back a series of measures enacted not only by the Obama Administration but previous Republican presidents. Among other things, the EPA has begun moving forward with plans that were expected to roll back the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards.

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“Within the Agency Scott has done an outstanding job, and I will always be thankful to him for this,” President Trump said in a Thursday afternoon tweet announcing Pruitt’s departure. It did not, however, mention the reasons why the controversial head of the Environmental Protection Agency resigned.


Ford Pulls Out of Geneva Motor Show

Automaker joins Volvo in not attending show.

by on Jul.03, 2018

Ford has a history of making news at the Geneva Motor Show, like the introduction Focus RS.

The list of automakers pulling out of auto shows just got one name longer: Ford is skipping the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker said the show’s timing didn’t fit its launch schedule and wouldn’t represent good value. It’s the second major automaker that has pulled out of the show, Volvo being the first.

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“It costs a sizeable amount of money,” a Ford of Europe spokesman told Automotive News Europe. “If you’re not going make a return on the investment in terms of media attention or people on the stand, why do it?” (more…)

Every Car Sold in the U.S. is an “Import”

Tariffs would impact even “American-made” vehicles.

by on Jul.03, 2018

The Honda Odyssey is one of the most "American" cars but will still be hit by tariffs.

Every single car, truck or crossover sold in the U.S. would be affected by the 25% import tariff being proposed by Pres. Donald Trump, with prices on some models rising by tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s because even vehicles assembled in the U.S. rely on some level of imported parts and components, whether in their suspension, infotainment systems or powertrains.

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Complicating matters, American-made auto parts and vehicles could become more expensive, and lose their competitive edge, if trade partners enact their own tariffs in response, something a number of them have now threatened to do.


Japan Warns Tariffs Put Global Free Trade “At Great Risk”

100s of thousands of U.S. jobs at Japanese carmakers may vanish.

by on Jun.29, 2018

Employees at Nissan's Canton, Mississippi, plant and other Japanese-owned U.S. plants could see their jobs threatened by new tariffs, Japan warned on Friday.

The Japanese government is the latest to weigh in on the potential dangers posed by the Trump Administration’s threatened trade tariffs on not only the global economy but U.S. jobs.

Warning that the White House’s proposed 25% tariff puts global free trade “at great risk,” a report issued by the Japanese government on Friday said such a move could backfire, threatening to “eventually undermine the entire U.S. economy” by, among other things costing the jobs of hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs.

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The Japanese report echoed the findings of another analysis of the auto tariffs’ impact, the Peterson Institute for International Economics estimating that anywhere from 195,000 to as many as 624,000 U.S. jobs could be lost, the higher figure reflecting what would happen if trade partners retaliate.


EV Tax Credits Soon to End for Some Automakers – But Will That Short-Circuit Sales?

Tesla expected to become the first to top threshold.

by on Jun.26, 2018

Tesla is quickly approaching the 200,000 vehicle limit that ends the $7,500 federal government tax incentive for EV buyers.

With a fourth assembly line now operating under a tent at its Fremont, California plant, Tesla is pressing hard to hit the weekly 5,000 Model 3 production target set earlier this year by CEO Elon Musk.

The good news for the battery-carmaker is that it appears to be close to that goal. The bad news is that with each new vehicle it sells in the U.S., Tesla also comes closer to reaching the threshold at which point it will see the phase-out of federal tax credits for its buyers.

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The credits, totaling as much as $7,500 a vehicle, are set to begin phasing out when any individual manufacturer reaches U.S. sales of 200,000 qualifying plug-based cars, trucks or crossovers. Tesla is expected to reach that figure within a matter of weeks. And several other manufacturers, including General Motors, Nissan and Ford, are approaching that target, as well. (more…)

Saudi Woman Race Driver Finally Gets to Take a Lap on a Home Track

Hashemite Kingdom officially lets women drive for the first time.

by on Jun.25, 2018

Saudi Arabian race driver Aseel Al Hamad finally got a chance to drive in her home country.

She’s an experienced race driver and member of her country’s Motor Federation, but this weekend marked a special occasion for Aseel Al Hamad, the first day she could drive in her home country.

Until Sunday, Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world where women were barred from driving, but after years of external pressure and internal protest, the ban was finally lifted. While there are still significant restrictions on what women can do in the Mideast kingdom, it means women no longer have to depend on male relatives, hired drivers or ride-sharing services to get around.

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For Al Hamad, it also meant that she could drive on a Saudi track for the first time, assisted by Jaguar which provided her with an F-Type sports car to mark the special occasion. The irony is that Al Hamad not only has become an experienced driver abroad but is the first feale member of the Saudi Arabia otor Federation and the country’s representative on the Women in Motorsport Commission for FIA, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile.


Hyundai, Audi Latest Automakers to Partner Up

The pairing is just the latest in a growing line of partnerships.

by on Jun.20, 2018

Hyundai and Audi are partnering up to develop fuel cell technologies.

The automotive industry is increasingly becoming reliant on partnerships, the latest being the tie-up between Hyundai Motor Group and Audi AG.

Like so many other companies before them, the South Korean and German automakers are looking to find a way to get to the promised land of alternative fuel vehicles. In this case, the makers are partnering on the development of fuel cell electric vehicles.

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Unsurprisingly, whatever patents, technologies and revolutionary breakthroughs resulting from this new coalescence will trickle down, well, more like over to Kia Motors Co. and Volkswagen AG. Kia is Hyundai’s sibling and VW is Audi’s parent companies. These advances can also be shared among other affiliates within either group. (more…)