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Live From Detroit!

This year's event has some of everything.

by on Jan.14, 2019

This year’s media preview of the North American International Auto Show may be wrapping up, but it had some intriguing — and occasionally surprising — debuts, including a flying car. Check out  complete coverage of the 30th anniversary NAIAS on

Here’s the latest news from the show:

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One Response to “Live From Detroit!”

  1. Dave Suton says:

    why is it that the headlines all feature import brands for Detroit? Why do I have to scroll all the way down to find important news about American automakers in the Detroit show? The author must be quite a fanboy of imports so much, maybe they should cover the Asian circuit, not Detroit.
    I would think that anyone who wants to drive a HyunKia can just go to any airport rental agency and get one for $29 a day. Sticky steering wheel and filthy interior included.