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Ginetta Prepping New Entry into Supercar Segment

Motorsport leader looks to return to the road.

by on Jan.30, 2019

Ginetta plans to return to the supercar realm with a new 600-plus horsepower model that will ready for road and track.

There will soon be a new sort of rumbling coming from northern England as race car maker Ginetta announced it plans to produce a street-legal, track-ready supercar, releasing two teaser photos to give some insight into what’s coming.

Laden with carbon fiber, the not-yet-named supercar will feature a racing-inspired naturally aspirated V8 alloy engine putting out more than 600 horsepower, officials claim, adding that it will be manufactured at its 75,000-square-foot facility in Leeds.

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“We’ve come a long way in 60 years but we still believe Ginetta has great untapped potential,” said Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson, a former Le Mans winner, who bought the company in 2005.

“In the 1960s our G10 was a giant killer on and off the track, regularly beating Jaguar E-Types. Sixty years on, we’re again applying knowledge and technology from our racing programs to build an uncompromised yet utterly capable road-going supercar.”

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In the past, Ginetta produced lightweight, high-power road cars and production-based race cars such as the G55 GT4, which its built nearly 400 of thus far, and competition cars for the highest level of prototype racing.

Ginetta is looking to reclaim some of its past glory with its first street-legal supercar in decades.

The new supercar utilizes this leading race technology and precision engineering to create a true driver’s car, officials noted. “This is not another supercar from a car company: this is a supercar from a top-tier motorsport manufacturer,” the company claims.

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The teasers provide some insight as to what we can expect from the new Ginetta when it arrives for its formal debut, which hasn’t been revealed yet. It clearly draws heavily from the company’s G55 Supercup racer. With impressive aerodynamics and a familiar, yet unique shape, the new model will clearly be at home on the track, and turn heads when traveling roadways.

The company, which will clearly compete with the likes of Lotus and McLaren, has a history of producing road-ready vehicles. It was founded in 1958 by four brothers, who produced hand-built vehicles for decades.

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However, they also branched out into motorsports, and more than just producing cars. Ginetta operates a network of racing series, from nurturing young talent through the Ginetta Junior program (one graduate of which is McLaren F1 driver Llando Norris) through to prototype racing such as LMP1.

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