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Chevy Express Getting New Safety Tech for 2019

Upgrades come as City Express model phased out.

by on Jul.10, 2018

GM's Wentzville, Missouri plant will continue building the Chevy Express full-size van.

Even as it prepares to halt sales of one Chevrolet van by the end of the year, General Motors plans to upgrade 2019 Chevy Express models, including the Cargo, Cutaway and Passenger version, with new safety features, including lane departure warning, forward collision alert system and a theft deterrent system to prevent unauthorized entry.

The Chevrolet Express is a full-size van, compared to the Chevrolet City Express compact van, which GM currently sources from Nissan and is now scheduled to be discontinued after the 2018 model year.

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The first-generation Express ran from the 1996–2002 model years and was based on the GMT 600 platform. In 2003, a facelifted model was launched on what is known as the GMT 610 platform. This updated model remains on sale, albeit the range has undergone a few updates to powertrain and minor styling changes. 

The Express also has a GMC-badged twin – the GMC Savana, which is also expected to get the same safety upgrades.

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When the 2019 iteration of the Express hits dealers it will have plenty of new safety upgrades.

GM also plans to add one additional color to palette of colors available on the Express.

The company, however, has not announced any plans to replace or update the Express’ body on frame-chassis, which is now the automaker’s oldest product. The 2019 model year represents the model’s 17th year on the market.

The Chevrolet Express is built primarily at GM’s Wentzville assembly plant outside St. Louis, Missouri. In early 2017, Navistar has built a cutaway version of the Express in its factory in Springfield, Ohio.

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The move is part of GM’s plan to boost the model’s production capacity and supply. GM sells roughly 70,000 Express annually during the past five years and is on track to sell close to the same number again this year.

The Chevrolet City Express. which has been part of the Chevrolet line since 2015, is a compact commercial van built on the same assembly line by Nissan from the parts bin used to build the Nissan NV200 panel van only with Chevrolet logos. It is described as the only Chevrolet product with no GM components and content or even assistance during development.

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Sales of the Chevrolet City Express had reached 10,000 units annually at one point but are unlikely to reach half that number this year.

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