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Chevy Makes Trax With Updated CUV

New look, new safety and tech features.

by on Feb.10, 2016

Chevrolet U.S. Vice President Brian Sweeney introduces the 2017 Chevrolet Trax, which gets a number of tech and appearance updates, inside and out.

Barely a year after first introducing its little Trax SUV, Chevy is making some major upgrades, revising the compact crossover’s appearance, updating its infotainment system and adding an assortment of new safety features.

First shown in concept form at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the Trax originally wasn’t supposed to come to the U.S. market, but buoyed by the success of the similar Buick Encore, Chevy decided to give it a go with the 2015 model-year.

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The Trax quickly became one of the bowtie brand’s unexpected hits. The compact crossover quickly grabbed a 20% share of the fast-growing segment, and Chevy officials say they’re hoping to do even better with the updated version of the Trax coming for 2017.

“I don’t know where the limit is with the crossover market,” said Paul Edwards, Chevy’s vice president of U.S. marketing. But it’s certainly going to try to find hard far it can go with the Chicago Auto Show debut of the 2017 Trax.

From the outside, the 2017 Chevrolet Trax gets a new hood, revised headlights, a new grille and front fascia and updated taillamps. The overall appearance is a little more solid and rugged, less of what one critic described as a sort of potato shape.

New lamps and new fascia, front and rear.

High-end models get halogen projector lamps and LED signature lighting.

Inside, there are new soft-touch materials and an upgraded infotainment system that starts with a new 7-inch touchscreen display.

“Customers will really notice the elevation in the Trax’s interior design and attention to detail,” suggests lead designer Steve Kim. “It’s an environment that transcends segment boundaries, offering rich, premium appointments and seamless integration of the technologies they rely on most.”

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The 2017 Chevy Trax gets the same Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality found in much of the rest of the Chevrolet line-up. There’s also a 4G LTE system that can be paired with up to seven smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Chevy hopes to attract tech-savvy young buyers with features like 4G LTE and Apple CarPlay.

Marketing chief Edwards says Chevy is hoping that the improved connectivity will draw in the tech-savvy young buyers that automakers crave.

Another draw is likely to be the new safety package offered on the 2017 Chevrolet Trax. That includes a camera-based forward collision warning system, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert and a rear camera.

Chevy sold 63,303 copies of the Trax in the U.S. last year, making it one of the stronger sellers in the fast-growing segment. Worldwide, it has become one of the top three models in the compact CUV segment.

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One Response to “Chevy Makes Trax With Updated CUV”

  1. Jeffyoungken says:

    They really needed to step this one up. My wife liked the encore, but the pricing on that was out of site for what it was. The trax with some nice equipment and updates could have been a sale. We ended up with a new regal turbo.