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Subaru WRX Drivers Get the Most Speeding Tickets

One in three get nabbed for lead-footed ways.

by on Sep.30, 2014

The Subaru WRX driver is more likely than any other to get a speeding ticket.

Want to avoid speeding tickets? Don’t make the Subaru WRX your daily driver and you should cut the odds of being radar trap fodder significantly.

The Japanese-made pocket rocket is the most ticketed car in the U.S. with 33.6% of owners getting a traffic ticket recently, according to a survey by The Pontiac GTO, which ceased production six years ago, finished second with 32.7% of owners receiving tickets.

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It seems that Japanese models have been topping many recently lists about vehicles lately, and this one is no exception. The rest of the top five include the Scion FR-S (32.6%), Toyota Supra (30.8%) and the Subaru Tribeca (29.7%).

For all models, the average was 19.9%.The most-ticketed brand by percent was Scion. According to the website, 27.5% of Scion owners has gotten a traffic violation.

The 2004 GTO still has enough muscle to be the second-most-ticketed car in America.

The rest of the top 20 include:

  • Volkswagen Rabbit – 29.6%
  • Mercury Topaz – 28.8%
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser – 28.4%
  • Mazda2 – 28.1%
  • Hyundai Veloster – 28.1%
  • Volkswagen GTI – 28.1%
  • Suzuki Reno – 28.1%
  • Pontiac G8 – 27.7%
  • MINI Cooper S Countryman – 27.5%
  • Mitsubishi 3000 GT – 27.4%
  • Saturn Aura – 27.1%
  • Infiniti QX56/QX80 – 27.1%
  • Toyota Prius C – 27.0%

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Ironically, the American cars that made the top 20 – Pontiac GTO, Mercury Topaz, Pontiac G8, Saturn Aura – are no longer in production. Ford discontinued the Mercury brand and the Topaz was last produced in 1994. General Motors abandoned Pontiac and Saturn in its 2009 bankruptcy restructuring.

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Getting a traffic ticket can have a significant impact on what a driver pays for auto insurance. Unlike accident claims, which ultimately drive up rates for everyone insuring that particular model of car, tickets jack up the premium for only the driver involved.

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“Every insurance company looks at cars, drivers and violations based on its own experiences, and their rates reflect huge differences of opinion,” the website said. “One company might charge a WRX driver with a speeding ticket less than another company might charge the same driver with a clean record.”

How big? Well, the site noted that the premiums for drivers with no violations ranged from $2,618 to $4,182. When a speeding ticket for 11 to 15 mph over is added to the quote, the premium rises to $3,610 to $5,248.

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One Response to “Subaru WRX Drivers Get the Most Speeding Tickets”

  1. Jorge says:

    This is no surprise. Just look at the demographics or talk to three owners and you’ll understand why.