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The Consumer Reports List To Avoid: Worst Vehicles

Magazine chronicles problem vehicles in all categories.

by on Feb.26, 2014

Taurus adds Torque Vectoring Control, which uses smart brake control to help the car smoothly accelerate through curves, which helps build confidence for drivers.

Consumer Reports cited the Ford Taurus as car to avoid due to reliability issues and a lack of interior space.

Annually, potential car buyers, industry observers and executives await Consumer Reports’ top picks for the year. What the list shows is there are plenty of great cars and trucks to choose from; however, the magazine doesn’t stop there.

While it doesn’t take long for everyone to figure out the mag thinks that Tesla’s Model S is the best car – maybe ever – and that the Dodge Ram is pushing to make the full-size pickup race a three-truck competition, there is a side of the industry that tends to get pushed by the wayside.

Keeping You Safe!

The pub also creates a list of vehicles to avoid. Some on the list are not a shock, such as the Mitsubishi Lancer, but others are a bit of a surprise, including the Land Rover Evoque.

The maker taking the biggest hit is Chrysler and Jeep. In fact, Jeep nearly swept the small SUV category with the best thing said about its product was “competent.”

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Here are the vehicles to avoid, according to Consumer Reports:

Subcompact cars

  • Smart ForTwo
  • Scion iQ
  • Chevrolet Spark

Compact cars

  • Scion tC
  • Mitsubishi Lancer
  • Dodge Dart

The Range Rover Evoque was criticized by Consumer Reports for its handling as well as a noisy cabin.

Midsize sedans

  • Chrysler 200/Dodge Avenger

Large sedans

  • Ford Taurus

Luxury sedans

  • Lexus IS
  • Lincoln MKS
  • BMW 7-Series

Wagons & minivans

  • Honda Crosstour

Small SUVs

  • Jeep Compass
  • Jeep Patriot
  • Jeep Cherokee with 2.4-liter engine
  • Mitsubishi Outlander

Midsize & large SUVs

  • Ford Edge
  • Nissan Armada
  • Dodge Journey

Luxury SUVs

  • Volvo XC90
  • Lincoln MKX
  • Range Rover Evoque

Ford’s products were widely panned for the seemingly never-ending issues related to MyFordTouch, or its Lincoln brethren, MyLincolnTouch, although the Taurus made the list for being “ridiculously cramped for such a large car.”

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Another surprise vehicle on the list is the BMW 7-Series, which was described as “a ponderous, technology-laden vehicle with … ungainly handling.”


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19 Responses to “The Consumer Reports List To Avoid: Worst Vehicles”

  1. Tom Martin says:

    Years ago I was in the market for a vacuum cleaner and, knowing nothing about them, consulted Consumer Reports. This taught me a lesson: Never listen to any of their reviews. The vacuum highest on their list turned out to be junk.

    As far as the Taurus goes, I have a 2013 Taurus and have not had any problems with it. Reliable, comfortable, solid, spacious.


  2. Jorge M. says:

    CR sometimes gets it right but often misses the mark, IME. A lot depends on their criteria to determine desirable or reliable products. As a result I wouldn’t use CR for much more than a second opinion.

  3. Joe says:

    I leased a 2011 Lincoln MKX and now have a 2013 Lincoln MKX. I went to the newer car for the great safety features, side radar and collision warning system. The car can really move when you step on the gas. No repair issues with either car. My local Lincoln dealer is great and treats my like a luxury car owner! I tell people all the time this Lincoln is NOT your grandfathers Lincoln, it’s a driving machine. To keep this in perspective I have also owned an BMW 530i and an X5. Not sure what makes the MKX go on this list.

    • Winnie Jenkems says:

      It looks like a WHALE

  4. Doug Bennett says:

    I don’t believe most of their reports….biased with sideline “funny business” going on.

  5. Joe says:

    I’ve rented a number of the newest Taurus’. I have found them to be a fine automobile. Likewise, during the period when Consumer Reports was slamming Mercedes products, I purchased 3 new Mercedes over a 5 year period that were stellar vehicles. Being a car guy, I take CR auto evals with a grain of salt. Only their safety ratings are worth consideration.

  6. Gmon says:

    Anyone who has been in an industry that CR deals with knows that the publication is worthless.

    Here is the low down… No mag can make a living on their subscriptions/sales alone, and CR doesn’t have advertising, so where does the money come from? The dirty secret is that CR solicits ‘donations’ from the industries that they delve in to, donate, and you get good ratings, fail to donate? good luck.

  7. indy says:

    Yeah when CR started doing technology reviews, and I couldn’t read one review without shaking my head at the complete unawareness of ignorance, I cancelled the subscription. It called into question my trust of everything they had ever written, it was so lacking in understanding.

  8. Benny Caleb says:

    Martin, I suggest you go look up two words, evidence and anecdote. Your personal experience should in no way color even your belief in the process that CR uses.

  9. Car Guy says:

    I was puzzled to see the new Outlander on there. I drove a new 14 and found it to be very nice. Only drawback to the lancer is the mid 2000′s interior! Other then that its one of the sportiest looking and best handling cars in its class!

  10. Kaydon says:

    Avoid the Lexus IS???? It’s been a rave with all the critics and for the past several years in a row, has the best resell value and most reliable vehicle. CR I think you better think again about that. I also don’t trust CR worth a grain of salt.

  11. Stu says:

    I’ve driven most of these cars as rentals and will have to agree with CR on this list (though curious why Evoque made it on here).

  12. Tim says:

    Why is it that CR people have such a hard time with tech? If used the MyFordTouch system in my mother’s 2012 vehicle and had no trouble figuring it out without a manual. I wished for some minor improvements, but it was very useable. In the 2014 we bought, Ford added some hard buttons to make common controls easy to initiate, such as changing the temp, adjusting volume, etc. anyone who can’t figure it out has got to be a Luddite.

  13. Jorge M. says:

    Unfortunately many people in the U.S. lack a basic technical education so they rely on reviews by CR as their primary product education and this is a real problem. CR has a huge influence on consumer purchases even when their reviews are blatantly incorrect in their test premise or conclusions.

    It’s very easy to lead technically iliterate consumers where ever you desire for them to go. How long does it take Honda or Toyota to fix something that CR perceives as being less than optimal even if CR’s perception is incorrect? Billions of dollars in sales are tied to a CR report.

  14. jerry valuch says:


  15. Bill Barton says:

    Many years ago CR rated a camera as there best buy. I managed a camera store at that time and people would come in and would not look at anything else. The company is no more, even before the rave review from CR there were major QC issues with the camera and their warr. repair department was very poor. Guess what happened after they really started selling like hot cakes. I really learned my lesson with CR reviews then….

  16. rene says:

    Im a used car dealer………..said all about cars , my line is cars average 7 years old around 120k miles……at this point mith of good cars are destroy ….my advise ..dont buy Mercedes …740 BMW 550 BMW Cadillacs Never and Audi Jaguar porsche mini cooper…….

  17. Dan D says:

    In 1995, bought a new Jeep Wrangler and my friend bought a new Lexus. He warned me that CR gave my choice a very poor rating and his one of the highest. In the first 6 months of ownership, his car was in the shop more than not, and eventually exchanged (on a lease) due to all the problems. After 5 years and 120,000 miles, I didn’t have a single problem with the Wrangler. I completely agree that CR cannot be trusted; many products I’ve owned that got the highest CR ratings were complete crap.

    • Paul A. Eisenstein says:

      I have to admit I have had my share of similar experiences with appliances. A top-rated refrigerator was an absolute nightmare that could never be properly repaired and a vacuum cleaner was a similar horror show.

      Paul E.