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Airbag Issues Continue to Plague Honda in US

Accidental deployment now occurring in 2008 Accord.

by on Feb.04, 2014

The 2008 Honda Accord is subject to a preliminary investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for faulty airbags.

In what will seem like a case of déjà vu, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is conducting a preliminary investigation into faulty airbags in more than 360,000 Honda Accords.

The agency opted to start the review after it received 28 complaints about the airbags accidentally deploying in when a door is closed on 2008 model-year Accords.

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“The complaints indicate the driver-side or passenger-side side curtain airbag and the side torso/seat-mounted airbag deployed when the driver or passenger door was shut. Two of the complaints reported injuries allegedly caused by the deploying air bags,” NHTSA said.

The complaints included incidents involving a 9-year-old boy who was injured and required a two-day hospital stay. Another complaint, which was filed in January 2013, noted the passenger-side airbags deployed when the door was shut.

Other complaints suggest the amount of miles has little to do with the issue and some repair shops suggested the problem may be a faulty control module. Repairs on the vehicles have ranged from $6,000 to $7,500.

Honda said it will cooperate with the NHTSA through the investigation process, as well as conduct it’s own internal review.

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Air bag issues have plagued Honda, and much of the industry, during the last 18 months. Last September, nearly 400,000 Honda minivans and SUVs sold in North America were recalled for the same issue.

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The maker said it knew of no crashes related to that defect. That Honda problem, however, involved legitimate airbag system that nonetheless can be triggered by electrical interference when there has been no vehicle crash. The problem has been experienced by other vehicle manufacturers and forced similar recalls during the last year or so.

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Following what Honda describes as a “a small but increasing number of complaints in recent months of inadvertent airbag deployment,” it is issuing a recall notice for 318,000 Odyssey minivans sold in the U.S., along with 56,000 Acura MDX sport-utility vehicles.  Both of the affected products were sold during the 2003 and 2004 model-years.

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  1. dwight mannsburden says:

    are these Takata airbags? then other OEMs will probably have issues as well