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“Buy American” Web Site Rates Cars

America’s Got Product rates automobiles, will add others.

by on Sep.02, 2010

It's all about jobs and profits in the U.S.

What’s claimed to be a unique website is now offering consumers a way to quickly learn what products best support the U.S. economy.

Beginning today, a rating system at is used on every automobile available in the United States. Viewers can see where the model was built, whether or not it has a minimum of 50% American parts, or whether or not the company has domestic headquarters.

A four-star rating system is used at AGP that identifies what it claims is the financial footprint that each purchase leaves on the American economy. Starting with a report on the automotive industry, AGP rates the impact of each car model sold – both offshore and domestically produced.

The ratings at first glance appear to have some validity, and will no doubt be controversial, particularly among brands that are acting in a what critics claim is a predatory way to protect jobs in their home countries while selling here. For example, in awarding stars, the site says Audi a rates a zero. Other models from international brands rate mixed reviews.

The U.S. is alone among industrial economies – run by either  democracies or totalitarian governments – in lacking an industrial policy that protects jobs and keeps its balance of trade in check.

“The purchase of an Audi leaves a negative economic footprint on our economy because nearly every dollar you spend with this manufacturer leaves this country after retail commissions and marketing dollars,” the site explains.

However, a Lacrosse sedan from Buick (built in Kansas City) receives four stars, the site’s highest rating. Missouri also claims honors for building seven other models from Buick, Chevy, Ford, Mazda and Mercury.

“Americans have become complacent with their thinking that we don’t manufacture much in this country any longer,” said Chris Kilcullen, CEO and Founder of AGP.

“The purpose of our site is to not only show some of the thousands of products that are manufactured domestically, but to also demonstrate that every time we purchase an American-made product, we in turn produce paychecks and profits that impact communities all over the United States,” Kilcullen said.

Kilcullen claims that one of his top priorities is to help educate consumers on the impact of their purchases. Instead of buying a foreign car, consider a foreign car manufactured by American-based workers – a much better choice for the economy, he says.

Kilcullen calls this a “better bad choice” than buying a car from a foreign manufacturer that is built outside and then imported into the U.S. “When you buy a foreign car that is also built in a foreign economy, the vast majority of your dollars leave this country,” Kilcullen said.

Kilcullen points out that more than 100 models are currently produced in 35 communities and 15 states – pumping billions of dollars back into the struggling U.S. economy. “If our economy needs jobs and our economy needs consumer spending, this is a direct source of stimulus that requires no government assistance,” he said.

He said in the coming weeks, AGP will begin rating major appliances, electronic devices such as cell phones, and other products.

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2 Responses to ““Buy American” Web Site Rates Cars”

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  2. bryanrmorris says:

    Thanks for posting this. It’s exactly the kind of website I’ve been looking for. It’s a shame that some of the most desirable new cars that “American” car companies are now selling are made overseas. Do you hear me, Ford?