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Ford Uses Same Pedal Supplier Involved in the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Stop Sale

Ford Chinese Transit production halted. Pedal comes from CTS, which also supplies Toyota with the pedals in its recall.

by on Jan.28, 2010

JMC board chairman Wang Xigao gives Transit to Mao Xinyu, the grandson of Mao Zedong.

Ford Motor Company is taking steps to check on whether the pedal on the Transit Classic van built by one of its Chinese partners,  Jiangling, could contribute to unintended acceleration.

The investigation is, thus far, confined to the Chinese made vehicles, but Ford has halted production until it clarifies the situation, according to CEO Alan Mulally, who said he demanded further explanations when he found that the pedal design was similar to the same one used by Toyota.

Mulally said he wanted Ford to get out in front of the issue as quickly as possible.

Ford’s Chinese partner, Jiangling, recently switched to using the same supplier, CTS, as Toyota uses.

“We have not yet determined we have a problem,” Mulally said during a conference call. “But we know we have no issues with the customers in China,” Mulally said.

Ford officials subsequently stressed there have been no questions raised about the pedal possibly contributing to incidents of “unintended” acceleration.

A spokesperson said as a routine precaution Ford always reviews recalls by competitors to see if they share suppliers. After the latest Toyota recall, Ford found that Jiangling had started purchasing the pedal assemblies from CTS.

“We have our own design for pedals and accelerators,” the spokesperson said.

Mulally also evaded questions about whether Ford planned to court Toyota buyers in the U.S. with a program  similar to the one GM announced yesterday.

Instead, he noted consideration of Ford vehicles has been steadily increasing and the price buyers are willing to pay for Ford vehicles also has been on the rise.

“We are really focused on the customers,” he said. Mulally also said Ford is showing now, “We can compete with the test in the world.”

However, he said Toyota’s problems do create an opportunity for Ford.

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One Response to “Ford Uses Same Pedal Supplier Involved in the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Stop Sale”

  1. Ken Zino says:

    Translated statement from Jiangling Motors – Ken Zino, editor, :

    01/28/2010 JMC Statement

    Jiangling Motors Company (JMC) has suspended production of one of the Transit models, a light bus vehicle JMC manufactures in Nanchang for distribution only in China.

    While there has been no report of any issue with the Transit, JMC has initiated a review of a pedal assembly part recently sourced from CTS Automotive.

    The single Transit model affected by the CTS pedal review, the Transit Classic, represents fewer than 2,000 units.